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From her vision, knowledge and experience, Everett leads in designing, implementing and supporting Identity Solutions that are fit for purpose.


We consult, architect, implement and support your Identity Solutions.


Everett has been adding value to a wide variety of clients in specific market segments for over 15 years now.

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Identity Access Management vereist een business aanpak

Het beschermen van gegevens is één van de kerntaken van IT afdelingen. Of het nu gaat om bedrijfsgevoelige gegevens (bv. nieuwe productontwerpen en prototypes) of persoonsgegevens van klanten en medewerkers; het borgen dat toegang tot deze gegevens veilig en gecontroleerd verloopt is cruciaal. Geen enkele organisatie zit te wachten op boetes van de overheid, omdat […]

How do I enter my 24 character password to connect to my Fridge?

The Internet of Things is already happening! Ever thought about how many of your things are connected? In the ’90’s it was only your pc with a modem that called an Internet Service Provider via phone. Nowadays there are many things wirelessly connected to each other, preferably via the Internet. I currently have 18 devices […]

Dear CMO, please consider Identity Relationship Management!

In 2014 Everett saw a growing demand for Identity Management solutions that are specifically designed to enable online business models and help drive top-line revenue. We refer to them as Identity Relationship Management or IRM solutions. In the past few months, I have spoken to several marketing managers, marketing intelligence specialists and managers of large […]

SailPoint Once Again Leads the Gartner Magic Quadrant

This week SailPoint have published a blog post regarding the newly released Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Administration and Governance. In the 2013 (December 2013), SailPoint was already named a leader on this Magic Quadrant. In 2013, SailPoint was already the dot place highest in the leader quadrant, but closely followed by competitors Oracle and […]

How to follow up on resolutions and advice

This is the time for making New Year resolutions improving our lives and jobs. Recent research shows that in the Netherlands only one out of four people stick to them. Half of the people that made New Year’s resolutions even forget about them during the same year. (Source) Exercising more (or starting training) and loosing […]

Native Change Detection – Expert Webinar

Native Change Detection is a mechanism in SailPoint IdentityIQ to detect and respond to changes made in connected systems that have not been initiated by IdentityIQ. This is a useful security feature to monitor undesired changes. In response to such changes, a notification can be sent out, an approval can be started, the changes can […]

Off the shelf and out of the box

It has become more rare, but still I hear of identity and access management projects starting their implementation trajectories by hiring software developers. While for a software developer, it can be fun to program the required functionalities, for organizations this often results in overly complex and unmaintainable end products. Modern identity and access management projects […]

Business story telling

Every culture has stories to pass knowledge and experience from generation to generation in a social context. Think about the times your grandmother, mother, father or uncle told you stories about their childhood. Think about the times you were inspired by a story someone told. A story about a remarkable achievement, an experience or a […]

Why we still use passwords

Why do applications still rely on password authentication instead of some stronger authentication mechanism? A clarification is provided by a trend started years ago. For years, there is a move towards designing business applications as web applications. The web however, was designed for text input and output; for hypertext. As a result non text-based authentication […]

Identity Relationship Management in Retail Banking

Traditional customer facing Identity and Access Management systems in retail banking should fundamentally change their dynamics to transition to Identity Relationship Management. We observe the retail banking experience from the customers point of view and identify three areas of interaction: The customer on-boarding experience is a combination of online and offline transactions. In most cases, […]

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